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Week 5 post 2

Knowing more about the customer will help with planning for efficient advertising. The target market/psychographic for direct sales of pesticide free Hass Avocados would be to either males or females, over the age of 18. It would have to be someone who is health conscious and/or athletic, who is looking to spend some money on quality food products that are hand grown in California. Their income would need to be over $50,000 a year. It doesn't matter if they are single or married, have children, or an education. Race or religion is not a factor either. It is a health and taste preference and if they have the affordability, they would buy them. The saying, we are what we eat matters to this target market. They want to eat as healthy as possible so they have a healthy mind and body. They are strong believers of super foods and the Environmental Working Group's Clean 15 with Avocados being #1 on that list. They believe that healthy fats are important and needed in our daily diet. And above all that, they love California Avocados because they taste way better than any others out there. They want hand grown avocados from a small family farm where they know hard work has been put into growing them.  They may not know of all the work involved in growing them, but they do value the consistent taste ours will bring. This target market might not live in California.


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Week1 My template

I chose this theme because I like cosmetics. I often watch videos on how younger women apply certain cosmetics so I can learn how to use them properly and look my best. Because they can be very expensive, I have to be careful not to go overboard on how much I spend. I thought it would be fun to start reviewing what I use so that maybe I can get some followers, sponsors and maybe some free products!

This theme explains a lot about me just by looking at it. The soft colors of the theme are nice, the brush, glittery nail polish and eye shadow stand out. I like the black background and uniformity because it looks like a web site not just a blog.

I've never written a blog, never even read a blog so I'm not really sure what I'm in for. All I know is that it sounds like fun and I hope it turns out great. I look forward to expanding my knowledge on this so I can use this technology over and over.

Week 2 Overview of Social Media

1. In my opinion I think Snapchat and Twitter are geared toward personal use. Snapchat has a variety of features where the user uploads their face and applies things like silly ears, mouths and voices with short videos and disappears quickly. Also, you can create stories with short 6 second snippet videos combined together but again are short lived as they go away in a day. Twitter blasts out a message sent by an individual. These would not be very effective for business advertising.

2. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are effective means of advertising for businesses.
Facebook can get likes and followers so each ad that gets created can show up in a customer news feed repeatedly. Facebook can also have an attached website and you can place an order or contact the business in its built in messenger app to ask questions and get answers fairly quick.
Instagram is simple and more straight forward. You can share a picture with comments attached and get followers likes and comments. You ca…

Week 16 Planning Your Future Strategy

Learning the various social media platforms has been a real eye opener. I thought Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Twitter were all good for our business and creating newsletters are an invaluable tool to create and increase sales, but learning to blog was also a very useful tool I am planning to expand on. In researching all of our competitors, I got to see what they are or aren't doing. There were a few companies that are very active in posting regularly and I learned from them and will grow from that. I liked some of their visuals on their websites and I will incorporate similar offerings. Offering seasonal ads as well as sales is a good idea especially in the gift giving season going on now.

Farming is such a day to day business and things change rapidly so I'm going to start blogging more in addition to Facebook and Instagram about what we do to try and convey honesty, hard work, quality and value in what we produce. 

I will plan on  spending  3-4 hours a day for 2 days a …