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Week 12 part 2

In researching other forms of social media, I discovered Google Business. It's not the same thing as Google+ and  Google + is now obsolete anyway. Google Business is free and you can use it if you have a business location or don't.  When you create a business account with Google Business, it adds your business name to a google search. You can create a website for free if you don't have one already. Google Business lets you publish your events, products and services directly to google search and maps. By creating posts, you can place your timely text, video, or photo content in front of customers when they find your business listing. I think that is really cool, especially because it's free!

Other options I like are social community websites such as Nextdoor when you can add your product for sale to many communities or on Facebook Groups, there are community exchange pages where you can type in a city such as Fallbrook and up pops the Fallbrook/Bonsall Area-Sell,Buy,Giv…
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Week# 12: Other Social Media Tools

Normally with our avocados we sell direct to a packing house, we don't have a store front or an address for picking up, but we could if we worked at a weekly farmers market. It's hard for us as we do not live at our grove and it's an hour away from our home. We would like to sell direct, but using LinkedIn would not be a good platform for it. If we sold at a farmers market, Yelp would be a good platform as it would give reviews on our fruit and show the price is worth it.

I would not use Coupons, Groupon, or even Living Social. I am guaranteed making money selling to a wholesale packing house, as there is a demand for California avocados so selling using coupons would be a loss as it would not be worth it because Groupon charges 50% of your selling price.

There's so much work involved just in picking the fruit, cleaning it, weighing it, packaging it, then shipping it, if we offered coupons like Groupon, we may as well just sell to a packing house and forego the hassle …

Week 11 Email Mktg Part 2

Creating the mass email required some creativity and pictures. Not sure I got it quite right yet, but it's a start. I tried to keep it simple and to the point. I sent 3 screen shots in a test email to Claudia Faulk.
I commented on the following blogs: Olivia Cruz, Christian Dahmann, Jesus Farias and Cole Walker.

Week 11 Email Marketing

If I were to write a newsletter, I would write one just before harvest season which usually starts in January, but this year will probably start earlier than that and again throughout the season bi-weekly, until the end of the harvest which is in July for us in San Diego. I would offer a discount coupon code for 5 or 10% off to inspire readers to buy now.

The content would consist of the following ideas: Our fruit is hand grown by a small family on 12 acres in the avocado Capital of the world. We take pride in how we grow our fruit, raise our bees to aid in pollinating the trees, how we water and fertilize the trees, how they are in season NOW, how the oil content is just right, how ours are pesticide & herbicide free, high in zinc and other essential nutrients and amino acids that our bodies don't produce on their own, how they last longer than mass marketed avocados because we don't gas them with synthetic ethylene like the packing houses do to speed up ripening, how the…

Week 10 Blogging for Business A & B

I have often thought about blogging for the family avocado business.

There's so much passionate work that has to be done to keep the grove going and fruit producing and if I can show the reader some of what goes into growing our amazing, award winning healthy avocados, I think they would gain a better appreciation for them and it might inspire them to buy some. By describing some of the many obstacles besides our crazy mother nature, that we have to endure such as manual labor, bees obsconding, labor shortages, water costs, electricity hikes, soil samples, tree leaf analysis, trying to go organic, refusing to use pesticides and herbicides, creating our own moisture sensors for the soil, our wireless irrigation system we spent 2 years creating and what it takes to grow a delicious California Hass avocado, then they can get an understanding of why they are more expensive than the typical watery, stringy, rotten imported avocados they find in the store for 75 cents a piece or less.


Week 9 Twitter

Learning the details of Twitter took me quite a long time as I was not very familiar with it.   I'm glad I understand it better now so that I will try to utilize its sales potential.

Selling avocados direct will need a buyer with money who can appreciate the best avocados that money can buy. I looked up some celebrities to start out my lists who would be able to afford them and I looked up a couple of people we know already that are sort of locals.  I searched Avocado, superfoods, LA Farmers Markets, Health Magazines for men and women, and some famous younger and middle aged people. I found many celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake, Kevin Hart, Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Tiffany Haddish.

I made 2 lists: Ca Avocado Lovers and Local Avocado Fans. The CA Avocado Lovers list will be used to tweet ads to generate direct avocado sales through the mail and the Local Avocado Fans list will be for special sales whenever we have a surplus from wind fallen fruit or if we wa…

Week 8 Part 2 Visual Support

Finding Avocado Farming companies on Facebook has been a challenge, but I found some as well as on YouTube that had some videos that were effective in getting the selling point across, but likes were few compared to their amount of followers.  Instagram is used by these companies as well and get more traction.

California Avocados This company advertises on YouTube and Instagram. You Tube hasn't been updated in 6-7 years, had 707 views and they had 7 videos. Instagram's last post was on May 30th and got 77 likes.  The videos on YouTube were effective as they took a tour of the farm and explained their history and how they pick and ship the fruit.  The proportion of followers to the number of likes is unknown as they do not have a current facebook page.

Mraz Family Farms advertises on all 3, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. They are very popular as the singer/songwriter Jason Mraz owns it so he gets a lot of visibility. They have 3,636 followers  and 3,462 likes on F…