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Blog Week 4 Post 1 and are two websites that I felt could use a lot of improvements.

First off, the name Jamilyn for a website doesn't explain anything. She would never be searched for unless people knew of her to begin with. Second, this site has way too much going on. The fonts are not uniform and they range from tiny to large. This website looks horrible. There's no branding, no logo, the color of beige is plain, the video is weird and too long. If you click on her skin care advertisement, it takes you to another website. I liked that she had some drop down menus and a contact us at the top instead of the bottom. The impact it had on me as a potential customer is that this lady is wacko and unorganized. I would not buy anything from her.

As for Roverp6cars, I guess if you are an old car restorer you might know about this car, I didn't. Too much is going on in this website and it was too long to scroll down through. I didn't like all the red used in it. The logo is placed in the mid center of the site and it's not really clear if it's the company logo or the car. My guess is that its the car's logo. It had good color contrast though and the scrolling text was eye catching. This is a UK company website and the money is all in British pounds. It could have a US link at the top for US customers. I thought it was weird that when I clicked on parts, it has a story of the people who own the company. That story is also found on the About Us page. The parts page doesn't need that. I like that the page offers a newsletter if you give them your email.  The impact it had on me at first is that I felt like the page was ugly and useless, but after I started clicking around, I found it more informative. I think they should condense the page length as well as all their text and replace the bright red text with something easier on the eyes like white or black and take the text off of the cars and place it to the left of them.

The 2 that I liked are Apple and NPS.

They are clean, simple and easy to navigate.
The color contrasts are very easy to look at. Th pages are clear and uncluttered. The margins are good, the logos are there at the top. The branding impact shows me that these 2 websites are professional and worth my time. They don't scare me like the previous two.


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