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Week 11 Email Marketing

If I were to write a newsletter, I would write one just before harvest season which usually starts in January, but this year will probably start earlier than that and again throughout the season bi-weekly, until the end of the harvest which is in July for us in San Diego. I would offer a discount coupon code for 5 or 10% off to inspire readers to buy now.

The content would consist of the following ideas: Our fruit is hand grown by a small family on 12 acres in the avocado Capital of the world. We take pride in how we grow our fruit, raise our bees to aid in pollinating the trees, how we water and fertilize the trees, how they are in season NOW, how the oil content is just right, how ours are pesticide & herbicide free, high in zinc and other essential nutrients and amino acids that our bodies don't produce on their own, how they last longer than mass marketed avocados because we don't gas them with synthetic ethylene like the packing houses do to speed up ripening, how they can last up to a month in a refrigerator unlike store-bought , and how amazing they taste: creamy, rich, buttery, full of flavor unlike anything they'll find in the stores. I've thought about mentioning how high our water bill gets due to the constant drought and heat waves (last month $3400) and how we are on city water, don't have a well and that we may not be able to continue to afford doing business unless we sell direct, but that might too much information, I may save that for later.

We could offer events such as weddings or a week-end 1 hour day tour through the grove too. We could have a button for each type of event with "inquire here" to learn more about weddings or tours which would direct them to our website with pictures of the grove so we could monitor the interest in those and consider them as an offering and ask them to email us with further questions.

I think the readers would be educated to learn about all things avocado because they are a superfood and ours taste better than the rest. I also think our readers would enjoy learning about farming food as it's not really talked about or taught in most schools. We have to get back to the basics with no round up, glyphosate and no pesticides. I will try to educate the reader about predator insects as well and how they do a great job out there keeping the grove under control.  We have rich soil for growing, but modern farming and modern building with clay landfill are ruining that. Our land in Carlsbad is full of clay landfill and we can't grow much of anything in our backyard so we rely on our Fallbrook soil for efficient growing.  Support your local growers, by buying direct and at your farmers markets.  You'll be healthier and your taste buds will be happier!


  1. I think the idea to send an email before harvest is a great idea. There are so many interesting facts in this blog that I had no idea about regarding avocados and your farm - people would love to learn more about these things through email and your other platforms.

  2. I really like the back story on how you take pride in the process of your avocados. I think including that in the newsletter could be something readers would be interested in. I know for me, I would love to see videos and pictures of the process.

  3. Being passionate about something you do will go along way. Base it off what you have now and try and see what people look into. They may want to see videos of the areas you grow it in. Display your avocados with other things give it a more professional and artistic look on the newsletter. Just being creative and having a positive message will go a long way to show the real taste of the avocados.

  4. I love how you can tell your really take pride in what you do. Including things in your newsletter that describe how your avocados are unique definitely increases your chances of establishing a solid identity/ personality for your brand.

  5. I think your core ideas for a newsletter are great for your business. In my opinion, reading about your back story regarding production and producing really drew me in! I think consumers love knowing what they're purchasing when it comes to food when they are given the opportunity, so I think this approach would be beneficial.


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