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Week 2 Overview of Social Media

1. In my opinion I think Snapchat and Twitter are geared toward personal use. Snapchat has a variety of features where the user uploads their face and applies things like silly ears, mouths and voices with short videos and disappears quickly. Also, you can create stories with short 6 second snippet videos combined together but again are short lived as they go away in a day. Twitter blasts out a message sent by an individual. These would not be very effective for business advertising.

2. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are effective means of advertising for businesses.
Facebook can get likes and followers so each ad that gets created can show up in a customer news feed repeatedly. Facebook can also have an attached website and you can place an order or contact the business in its built in messenger app to ask questions and get answers fairly quick.
Instagram is simple and more straight forward. You can share a picture with comments attached and get followers likes and comments. You can also hashtag comments in the ad.
Twitter is ok, but lately is getting more people into trouble due to their impulse tweets they can't take back.
YouTube is great and you add the video link to your website or to your businesses Facebook page.
LinkedIn is great for connecting with job professionals and if you are looking for a job or posting jobs needed within a company.

3. Facebook and Instagram can be used for business or personal use. Either one can promote a business or persons image. But more adults are using Facebook and more of the younger generation are using Instagram so depending on who your target market is will determine which one you want to use, maybe both?

I commented on the following people in my group: Olivia Cruz, Haylie Erwin, Vicky Mowery and Cole Walker.


  1. Hi Taylor!
    I agree that Snapchat is for personal use as well as twitter. Twitter and Snapchat would work well for a business if they were to already have the followers and customer. I could not really think on how a business could possible use YouTube but, when I read your idea it makes sense how there is a possible way they can use it. Since Facebook has the most amount of monthly users, businesses should consider having a Facebook page to get the word out of their business!

  2. Hello Taylor!
    I definitely agree that Snapchat is geared more for personal use. All the different filters and random functionalities make for a fun, interpersonal platform. However, I do disagree with you on your view of twitter for business. Most big businesses in the united states have twitter accounts, even the president has a twitter. A good example would be most major fast food chains, who often post and reply to customers posts with witty / satirical comments. Which in turn has driven there sales quite significantly.

  3. I am not sure why but I didn't even consider Snapchat when I did this assignment, so that's awesome that you mentioned it! I use snapchat every single day for personal use as well. I also didn't think to mention Youtube, but you are absolutely right about it being great fora businesses to link their Youtube with their website. I am glad I got to read your assignment, thank you!

  4. Hi Taylor! I agree with your comments on Snapchat. I am not as familiar with Snapchat, but based on what I've heard about it, it does seem geared towards more social use. Your comment about how Facebook and Instagram appeal to different age groups and the corresponding impact on target marketing is very insightful. I have two teenagers, and am well aware of the notion that Facebook is for the "older" crowd.

  5. I see where your coming from with the Snapchat snippets and I agree it is very personal compared to the others. Twitters reason of popularity is because impulse tweets, it might be the only thing keeping the company alive!


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