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Week# 12: Other Social Media Tools

Normally with our avocados we sell direct to a packing house, we don't have a store front or an address for picking up, but we could if we worked at a weekly farmers market. It's hard for us as we do not live at our grove and it's an hour away from our home. We would like to sell direct, but using LinkedIn would not be a good platform for it. If we sold at a farmers market, Yelp would be a good platform as it would give reviews on our fruit and show the price is worth it.

I would not use Coupons, Groupon, or even Living Social. I am guaranteed making money selling to a wholesale packing house, as there is a demand for California avocados so selling using coupons would be a loss as it would not be worth it because Groupon charges 50% of your selling price.

There's so much work involved just in picking the fruit, cleaning it, weighing it, packaging it, then shipping it, if we offered coupons like Groupon, we may as well just sell to a packing house and forego the hassle of it all. We don't think it would create repeat business. We've sold to a restaurant direct before for a couple of years and they loved our avocados, but when the price became too much due to market demand, they stopped buying from us and settled for imports even though imports tasted way worse. They didn't care. It was about the money.

As of October 2018, Google + is being shut down due to a data breach of 500,000 users.


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