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Week 7 Engaging your customers-FB Strategy

I chose the following businesses to like on my page:
San Diego Business Journal, San Diego County Farm Bureau, California Avocado Society, California Avocados, Mraz Family Farms, Hunter Industries, AvoTerra by Index Fresh, USDA, Avoganics, West Steak House, Gelsons Markets and Trader Joes.

I chose these businesses for a variety of reasons but the main reason is because they are all tied to farming avocados. The Business Journal did a story on our irrigation technology. We are members of the SD Farm Bureau. The Avocado Society does the marketing for California avocados and we pay them a percentage of our sales. Mraz Family Farms is a competitor and they do direct sales and sell out so I want to learn their skills. Same for Avoganics. AvoTerra by Index Fresh is our packing house we sell to. USDA is who we get our grants from. West Steakhouse, Gelson's and Trader Joes might need our avocados some day.

I really like this feature. I had no idea it existed. I plan on using this feature whenever I can think of more businesses that might be beneficial to us. It might help connect our business to potential customers and help connect us to trade partners.

Here is a screen shot of my scheduled posts:

I think these posts will engage my audience because they have a variety of content that is interesting to avocado consumer. There is one post that talks about why it's important to know what the Clean 15 is and how avocados are healthy and clean of any chemicals. The 2nd one talks about how a California University will pay people $300 to eat avocados daily for 6 months and the 3rd one talks about how the current imported Peruvian Avocados are so bad, shoppers are returning them to the store to a full refund.
I commented on everyone in Group 1's pages except there was no link for Kim McMahan and the link for Christian Dahman didn't work.


  1. Hi! First I would like to say I love Avocados! My step dad owns avocado farms in Filmore, Ca. Anyways being a lover of avocados, I think you did a good job on your upcoming posts because they are really engaging because they are interesting! I like how you have a chance for your consumers to be apart of a study and a post about the difference between non GMO and GMO avocados! I like how the posts are a week apart from each other! I don't have any suggestions for you! Nice job!


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