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Week 10 Blogging for Business A & B

I have often thought about blogging for the family avocado business.

There's so much passionate work that has to be done to keep the grove going and fruit producing and if I can show the reader some of what goes into growing our amazing, award winning healthy avocados, I think they would gain a better appreciation for them and it might inspire them to buy some. By describing some of the many obstacles besides our crazy mother nature, that we have to endure such as manual labor, bees obsconding, labor shortages, water costs, electricity hikes, soil samples, tree leaf analysis, trying to go organic, refusing to use pesticides and herbicides, creating our own moisture sensors for the soil, our wireless irrigation system we spent 2 years creating and what it takes to grow a delicious California Hass avocado, then they can get an understanding of why they are more expensive than the typical watery, stringy, rotten imported avocados they find in the store for 75 cents a piece or less.

I think new growers would benefit too from learning how farming food should be done. But I would try not to be a total downer. I will have to be careful not to sound like I am complaining all the time. I'll try to make it more upbeat if at all possible, humorous, educational and matter of fact. I'll post a recipe for the best guacamole ever as well as some other great avocado recipes to get them coming back for more. The reader will be drooling for some of our tasty green fruit by the end of every blog. And after they do try some of ours, they will never want to go back to the store for any others.

If I wasn't trying to sell direct to the customer, it would not make sense to blog for my business.

Making categories for avocado farming doesn't really make sense unless I were to categorize different products like honey, lemons, wireless moisture sensors, smart irrigation systems, and avocados.  Then I would categorize them and blog/market each one separately.

I commented on the following: Jesus Farias jr., Christian Dahmann, Leslie Montano and Cole Walker.

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  1. I like how you understand that selling to other businesses vice selling direct to customers changes your social media strategy. You are selling a product and you understand what it takes to get that product to market. By humanizing your production, you give your customers more ways to enjoy your product. I will employ this strategy for the future when I sell high end motorcycle gear when other cheaper gear is readily available.

    1. Thanks very much, I appreciate the nice feedback.

  2. Great post! I was definitely drooling thinking of guacamole made with the perfect avocados. Sounds like you have all the elements to make an interesting and insightful blog. I am always more likely to buy from someone after reading and relating to their story.

    1. Thank you Eva! I'm glad you get it and appreciate a great avocado and story.


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